from Lumitchell!

“1986…Farmers Branch Historical Park…I was performing mostly traditional songs…Drake Rogers and roommate Mike Harris stopped by and we talked about starting a band. And we did.” —Lu Mitchell

LU MITCHELL (above & right photos, center)
Lu is lead singer-songwriter-satirist and guiding light for Catch-23, the band she named after Joseph Heller’s novel entitled Catch-22. She has a songbook called Singing for Her Sanity, a passport, and loves to travel.


Like a solo artist, Lu Mitchell has appeared in-concert at churches, colleges, and corporate occasions through the Usa. Furthermore, she’s done for kids in colleges and on tv.

Together with her group, Capture-23, she’s an area preferred at Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse, Bad David’s Bar, and Pocket Sandwich Theater, her “home-base” nowadays.

Lu Mitchell has launched greater than a dozen photos and it has printed a songbook named PERFORMING ON HER SANITY, today in its next version with four new tunes, unique pictures by Bob Ackerman, and pictures in the beginning of the Texas Folk Music Community.

Even as a little girl I was musical. I learned all the songs I heard on the radio; and I was eager to perform these at family gatherings and school events. Though I never had any formal musical training, I found the guitar an easy instrument for accompaniment, particularly for the simple folk songs learned at Girl Scout camp. Later, under the guidance of Hermes Nye, a local folksinger, I blossomed as a performer.