from Lumitchell!

“1986…Farmers Branch Historical Park…I was performing mostly traditional songs…Drake Rogers and roommate Mike Harris stopped by and we talked about starting a band. And we did.” —Lu Mitchell

LU MITCHELL (above & right photos, center)
Lu is lead singer-songwriter-satirist and guiding light for Catch-23, the band she named after Joseph Heller’s novel entitled Catch-22. She has a songbook called Singing for Her Sanity, a passport, and loves to travel.

Click here to see a photo of Lu playing her banjo at Farmers Branch Historical Park on the day Drake first stopped by to talk about starting the band.

DRAKE ROGERS (lead guitar) has performed with Lu and Catch-23 since 1986. He’s played lead guitar and sung vocal harmonies on most of Lu’s albums. He now co-manages Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse at Northpark Presbyterian Church in Dallas and teaches guitar.

LADONNA GOETZ (bass & vocals) brings 24 years of experience with various bands to Catch-23. She has toured with Solid Gold and Lady Luck. Although LaDonna has recorded with Lu and other artists, she’s also produced three CDs of her own: TWO KINDS OF LOVE and, with Kirk Edens, CYCLES. Her latest release is LETTING GO.

Right photo: 2006 greenroom pic of Lu Mitchell (center), Drake Rogers (right), and LaDonna Getz (left)

GERALD JONES, while not a regular band member, is a frequent welcome guest in Lu’s shows. A consummate musician, Gerald plays violin, mandolin, and guitar; and he has won several national awards for banjo. He has played with such performers as Vince Gil, LeAnn Rimes, and George Jones.

GAY TAYLOR (harmony & percussion) is lead singer for the THE RAGGED EDGE folk band.

BILL SMITH often sings duets with Lu…mostly about love and war between the sexes.

In Memoriam
KIRK EDENS : Alan ‘Kirk’ Edens, 46, of Garland, Texas, passed away Saturday evening, November 15, 2003, after a short battle with liver cancer. Kirk was a versatile artist who will always be remembered for his musical talent, his sharp sense of humor, and his great love for animals. He produced three of Lu’s albums and was a frequent guest on her shows. For more information see Dallas Morning News obituary: Nov. 18, 2003.